And I have mixed feelings. 2017 SS 8 speed with the 2SS package

I like it better in Blue, Dark gray and White

The last time I drove a Camaro was a 5th gen V6 back in ‘11 and I vaguely remember it being not so good.


Exterior: Looks great! Love the grill, silhouette, wheels, stance and the wide hips, LED lighting is very good.

Interior: The bad-Holy claustrophobic gun slits Batman! Why Chevy? WHY? Sorry, I give it an F ! I prefer good visibility but don’t prefer convertibles which will solve this issue, obviously. immediate sides are fine. The rear quarters are atrocious. I gave up and relied completely on the blind spot system and I think I will take a very long time to get used to this, and not worth the compromise. I had posted about this sometime back. I fully agree with those who said it was really bad.

Also the car is super wide and I was afraid I was going to hit curbs all the time. Raising up seats don’t help much.


The side door sill is really really high but can get over it.

Nope. Sorry. I can’t even

The Good- Gauges are very good, crisp and clean.Ventilated heated seats fantastic. Switch gear is good. Infotainment angled downward I thought was weird but was least of my concern because it worked well. HUD was clear. Really liked the rotating bezel on the vents and I was able to adjust them to blow on body rather than just the knees like some reviewers have mentioned. Seats are comfortable. Space is good for driver and passenger. Back seats are a joke. it’s only for babies with seats adjusted to 5'11" I have a feeling I’ll like the Mustang better for visibility and space.

Performance: What an engine! Powerful midrange and high end,Sounds absolutely splendid when revving and it really wakes up after 3000 RPM.I wouldn’t drive a Camaro with any other engine. However, 2 things bring it down a notch.


1. The gas pedal programming. You really need to push in to wake it up, and I believe they have done it in the interest of fuel efficiency. It felt mushy and I had to keep telling myself to push it harder to utilize the full power of the car.. I am used to linear and tight pedals like the ones in older BMWs which you can modulate well .. My G37 seems to have instantaneous response compared to that, even if my 7 speed is only OK. I guess this is something one can get used to and learn pretty quickly, given that all this is coming from a 30 min test drive.

2. The transmission was really good sometimes but not always- In tour mode was perfect for suburban roads, smooth but lacked instant response. Sport mode was good but not great. Track mode it was downshifting too often and hard so probably best left for backroads and the track . I tried Sport, Track and Tour on 40MPH roads and 70mph freeway. Since this engine has a lot of torque I feel 8 gears might not be the right number. Either 6 or 10 like the new one which I’ve is very fast. yes yes, “get the manual” is going to be the answer but it was not available, I have to be realistic- my wife needs to drive it as well sometimes, and also I want to compare this to the 2015-17 6 speed auto in the Mustang and the 18's 10 speed where many reviews have praised it.


Steering is nice and tight, I test drove the ATS 3.6 few years back and loved the Alpha Chassis.

The ride is very good for 20s, and I have a problem with that. Wished they had sacrificed that more for a tighter feel. I don’t know how to explain it perfectly, the handling capability is there, there is no roll but it still doesn’t “feel” as precise as I wanted to. Almost felt lumbering at times even though I know it wasn’t. It wasn’t sharp enough.


Overall this is a rip-snorting brute of a car that has incredible capability that I won’t even closely hit the limits ever, but needs to be more polished, or maybe I am being unrealistic and expecting a lot more finesse from a muscle car. Or maybe I need to drive it for a week or a month., I’m not sure.

I have a very good feeling that I will really like the ATS-V with the same Chassis, much better visibility and the betterlow end response of the 3.6TT. But I haven’t driven it yet.


In Summary: It is phenomenal in some areas and a genuine sportscar and a big let down in certain aspects. Great performance per dollar but it’s just not the car for me.

Next step, test drive both or either 2015-17 Mustang GT or the 2018 with the 10 speed and see how it compares. I would love to drive a regular C7 Corvette as well just to see how this engine works in a more focused high end Sportscar.


Update: Just saw local dealer has a used ChevySS. Tempting.

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