This kind of ticks me off, I’ve been emailing back and forth with a sales manager at a classic car dealer regarding a 1990 Reliant Robin for about the past month and a half - I‘d make an offer, it would take a week to hear back, make a counter offer, take another week, then the communication just stopped. I found out today the guy I was dealing with no longer works there, the new guy got the owner to accept my offer within a few hours.

Unfortunately, he emailed back a bit later - the car isn’t for sale after all, it’s part of a display the owner doesn’t want to break up, but it was listed for sale online and we spent over a month back and forth on a price.

This is the only MkII Robin for sale in the Western Hemisphere at the moment, so that kind of wrecks my plans. I had contacted some importers, but ended up telling them to cancel, because it seemed like this deal was going to go through quicker.