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So that was a fun evening...

I’ve been inside for the last two days, hanging out with my son - the weather was crap, and my wife worked all weekend.

Finally, she got home tonight around 5:30, so I was itching to get out of the house. Told her I was going to the gym and would pick up dinner on the way back.


Plop down into the Mercedes, push the button, and *nothing*. No lights, no chime, zip. Completely dead. Fine, I’ll take the Pathfinder. Grab the keys to that, and it won’t turn over, either!! And of course the BMW is happily sitting in the garage, battery tender attached - and blocked in by the truck.

I took my wife’s car to the gym, to work off my frustrations... Jumped the Merc and drove it for a bit, it’s fine - and I’m an idiot, because of course the discharge was my fault.  Will deal with the truck tomorrow.  Maybe...

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