So that's why Oppos keep choosing a GTI...

I’ve been shopping for a Turbo Beetle replacement. I want an entertaining automatic(my wife has no interest in learning manual and as long as my 996 is manual, I’d be fine with a good auto for the other car), a little more space, something that can have a roof rack, and preferably 4 doors. I don’t want to spend too much.

All the things I ruled out:

- BMW X1; I’d be really interested in a RWD X1 with the m sport package but there are none of those in my area. And there are very few X1s in general in my area.


- 135i; I’ve always wanted a 1 series but this would be probably too small and too impractical to serve the purpose I’m hoping for.

- VW Sportwagen 4 Motion; not much for used inventory and I don’t think I’m ready to drop $20k on a brand new car; especially since I’d be tempted to do a ECU and DSG tune.

And the one car I can’t rule out(this is a CPO 2014):


And the GTI, in comparison, looks pretty darn great. It’s got space comparable to the X1 and a better engine and DSG tune than the Sportwagen. It probably can’t hold a candle to the 135i in some manners but running costs should be way lower and practicality is way better. I need to do some test drives with my wife but man, I have a hard time imagining that I’ll find a better all around car than the GTI.

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