Illustration for article titled So THATS why the second-cheapest gas station in town is unusually empty

The other night I needed to stop for gas on my way home from work. I usually go to this Marathon station that’s the second-cheapest in town for premium gas. The cheapest station is a Freestate down the block that’s cash only, and I rarely carry cash.


So I turned into the Marathon, and it was much more deserted than usual during rush hour. Then I noticed that all the pumps had hand-written notes on them informing customers that the station only had premium fuel. No problem for me since my car needs it, but while filling my tank, at least 5 people pulled up to the pump on the opposite side of mine, saw the note, and left.

This is probably the one and only time I’ll be happy my car needs premium.

(P.S. No I don’t want to hear about how my car has a knock sensor and can run lower octane. I have a 93 octane tune on it.)

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