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So the Altima is not Long For This World.

It was able to puff it’s way home though thankfully. Leaving Home Depot after getting a new electric mower since the old gas one wouldn’t start (good times!) and waiting to turn left it began to stumble to maintain idle. A little gas to keep the revs smoothed it up a bit. Turning left left behind a cloud of bluish smoke and the scent of Unburnt gas. Pull into a parking lot to check vacuum lines/etc and don’t see anything wrong, so I’m left with a choice, tow it for more than it’s worth or send it down the highway where at least I don’t need to stop.

The engine is misfiring so I only had about half power, but that was enough to keep it at the speed limit in 5th. Had to downshift for hills, but it seems to smooth out some as I go along. The car dies as I slow down on the off ramp, but I was able to restart it. Thankfully I was able to catch a green light and a green left arrow so was able to coast through and make it home. It’s able to be restarted, but it sounds decidedly Not Good. I’ll be taking it to the scrapyard since it’s very likely more serious than a spark plug swap. It was a good beater. F


So now I’ll be DD’ing the lotus while I search for a more permanent DD.

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