So, the dentist took a torque wrench to my face.

And now it hurts. Safety image for the squeamish.

For those not in the know, I broke a tooth in half and they decided the best course of action was an implant. Last year, they removed the old tooth, and built up the socket with transplanted bone. A few months later, they drilled out a hole and installed what is basically a helicoil with a small screw in it.


This morning, they opened things up again, removed the screw, then installed the permanent post. This is where they had to use the torque wrench. Now that the post is torqued to spec, we have to wait a few more weeks for the gums to heal and then I’ll get a new tooth!

The doc was great, cracking jokes about being more like a mechanic than a dentist. I’m sure the check I left with him will be taking care of several boat payments. It’s no wonder he’s so happy.

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