Image stolen from AutoExpress - see link below for their comparison with the X3 and Disco Sport

Am I the only one who thought it was going to compete against the X5, GLE, and RX? I was stuck behind one in traffic today and thought “take away the fender flares and it’s not much bigger than my Forester.” Sure enough it is pretty similar: 4" longer, 1" shorter, and 10" wider - probably half of which fits the wide tires. Interior space is about the same. For some reason I guess I just assumed Jaguar, so long associated with big sedans and GT’s would enter the crossover market with something like a Cayenne - but I get home and there’s this month’s C&D with it on the cover against up a Macan instead. The thought of a 380 hp supercharged V6 in something this small actually is pretty awesome (the model I saw was in fact a 35t and once the road opened up it was gone in a hurry). I suspect this will be the right move, since the small luxury CUV market is so hot right now. There is a lot of competition, though. Across the range it goes up against the RDX, NX, X3/X4, GLC, Q5, Disco Sport, Macan, XC60, XT5, and maybe even an Evoque and others I’ve forgotten about. I’m hoping it is successful enough that we get a larger, sort of XJ-inspired crossover based on the Range Rover chassis complete with optional V8.