If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

So the front engine moved to the middle...

...Leaving the C7 as the last hurrah for the front-engined American roadster. Even when it sucked, it still out shined the early t-bird and later the viper, twice. But it’s gone, and when I just saw an old man (quite old) in his maroon C5 with the top down, I realized that he probably had a laborious entry into his car but would not be able to get into a C8 at all today, nor would he want to I think. So with the front engined v8 roadster missing from the american lineup, is there a vaccuum left for someone to make another? Did Corvette push too far and abandon a market segment? What would fill it?

Was this moment what Nissan needed to finally kick start a 370z update? “Nissan 400Z” has a cool ring to it.


Will Toyota wake up the GT-86, rebadge it Lexus with a GR based Lotus Evora engine? (that might really be a fun piece of fun)

Or will Miata just get a bigger piece of the pie like Tacomas got when the Ranger left?

I guess, how does the Corvettes marked shift change it’s former market? Does it?

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