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So the Maserati Alfieri isn't a GranTurismo replacement...

...it's gonna be smaller than it with only V6 power, while the GranTurismo retains V8s.

Alfieri comes in 2016, the Cabrio comes in 2017, then the next GranTurismo in 2018, which likely means the GranCabrio/GranTurismo Convertible will arrive in 2019, I guess.

The Alfieri will be available in 3 flavors, the 410hp 'base' model with RWD, the 450 hp model with AWD (likely the Alfieri S), and the 520 hp AWD top range model (Alfieri MC).


Meanwhile, the GranTurismo will be 560+ hp, RWD only.

I'm guessing the Alfieri is gonna go after the Porsche 911 and Mercedes-Benz AMG GT while the GranTurismo goes after the Mercedes-Benz SL.

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