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So, the Pathfinder passed emissions today! Want it?

And, frankly, I’m sick of looking at it and not thrilled at the prospect of throwing $100 at it to renew the plates in a month.

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Any Oppos want it??

It’s a 2005 SE, 1 owner, 168k miles, basically an outdoor cat car its whole life in Chicago, so it’s got some rust and plenty of scrapes on both bumpers as well as both rear doors because reasons. Oh, and some hail damage on the hood - the silver color does a fine job of hiding it.


Driver’s window switch sticks a bit, and the LF tire has a slow leak, plus the spare tire carrier is toast (but I do have a mounted spare for it). Interior is in surprisingly good shape, although I need to clean it - the charcoal cloth interior was an excellent choice by me, if I do say so myself. Rear brakes occasionally clunk, possibly due to lack of use - this thing has been driven. about 400 miles in the last two years. Total. In the last couple of years, it’s had a new alternator and camshaft position sensors, plus a battery.

I’m probably forgetting something, but I did just drive it for an hour or so.

Was thinking I’d ask $2500 for it, but Oppo discount applies - feel free to tell me I’m full of shit on the price.

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