What happens when you put 875 horsepower 3.2-liter biturbocharged V6 in a 1929 pound carbon fiber car? This.

This car is ready to tackle 12 miles of strenuous steep roads for the 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb–and it's got everything it needs to win. The car is equipped with special Michelin tires, a ridiculously light body frame, a power to weight ratio of 1:1 [holy mackerel], a six-speed sequential gearbox, four-wheel drive and so much more details to help make the car destroy its opponents. The engine is mounted near the mid-rear for better center of gravity. All of these improvements to the car make it go to 149 mph in ~ 7 seconds. That's almost how long the 2012 Fiat Abart takes to get to 60 mph! I can't even think of the pride that the Peugeot Sport Division engineers must have after accomplishing such a thing.

It will be driven by world WRC champion SĂ©bastien Loeb.


Here are the full specs:


Type V6 bi-turbo

Cubic capacity 3.2 litres

Number of valves: 24

Position: Mid-rear

Number of cylinders: V6 (60°)

Maximum power: 875hp

Torque: 90mkg

Maximum revs: 7,800rpm

Top speed: 240kph

0-100kph: 1.8s

0-200kph: 4.8

s0-240kph: 7.0s


Type: Four-wheel drive

Gearbox: Longitudinally-mounted six-speed sequential gearbox with steering wheel-mounted paddle-shift



Frame: Tubular steel

Bodywork: Carbon Fiber


Suspension: Double wishbones and pushrod/rocker arm actuation at all four corners


Springs: Torsion bars

Dampers: Pressurized dampers

Anti-roll bars: Front and rear

Steering: Hydraulic

Brakes: Hydraulic double circuit brake system with one-piece light alloy callipers


Brake discs: Vented carbon discs front and rear

Diameter (front): 380mmDiameter (rear): 355mm

Wheels: Bespoke 18 by 13 magnesium alloy wheels from F1 technologyTyres Michelin (31/71x18)



Length: 4,500mm

Width: 2,000mm

Height: 1,300mm

Front overhang: 1,690mmRear overhang 1,690mm

Wheelbase: 2,695mmWing 2,000mm (based on the rear wing of the Peugeot 908)

Fuel tank: 40 litres

Weight: 875kg