All the stuff I have 15 days to do on the Wagovan

So the project Wagovan/ Project Golf Ball isn’t going as planned. As it is, I have two weeks to get it ready to drive to Arkansas, do some overlanding, and drive back. Here is all the stuff I still need to do.


  • Fix fuel starvation/ running issue on the highway
  • Replace muffler/ blown exhaust
  • Gearbox fluid change
  • Diff fluid change
  • Replace caliper slide bolts
  • Replace calipers (if slides don’t fix the issues)
  • Replace alternator belt
  • Replace AC compressor belt
  • Install aftermarket TPMS
  • Adjust rear latch


  • Replace interior lights with LEDs
  • Mount and wire spotlights
  • Re-install gas tank skid plate
  • Re-install front skid plates
  • Refresh cooling system
  • Relocate expansion tank


  • Finish wiping off masking tape goop
  • Fix over-spray
  • Do a damn color reveal

With 15 days to go this is all very do-able. Realistically most of the critical stuff is doable in a weekend.


Maybe this weekend?

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