It causes it to rock when it's laid out flat on the floor (pretty level concrete), but only by 0.5-1cm. However, it's enough to make it so that the bonnet touches on one of the bumper mounts but not the other. Overall, it looks like it's been in a minor shunt at the front-right.

How much chassis twist do you reckon is acceptable? All of the suspension components are shimmed, so it's possible to get accurate stationary suspension geometry, but I'm a little concerned about changes in dynamic geometry.

I've had a quick google for frame-straightening companies, but they seem to be much more common in the States than here. I think unibody cars have been more common for too long.

It could be mostly in that little bumper mount bit, but it's hard to tell. I've been over it with a spirit level, and I can see a minor ripple or two in the right-hand rail, but nothing that seems that severe.


What do you think?