Well its been in. For a while. But its hard getting stuff done when you can only work on it an hour per day. Anyway everything is back together but it doesn't start... so I probably missed a ground or something somewhere.

My other problem is I'm having a lot of trouble with the hydro clutch lines. Its a closed system so no bleeder. Have to use an alternate and messy method where I submerge the slave cylinder in fluid and pump it till there's no more bubbles, then I do the same with the upper half, the lines and the master cylinder. I put the end of the line in the fluid and pump the master cylinder plunger thing and then when its all done I connect it while its still under the fluid. I watched a video and this is how they did it and they say it worked. So I'm gonna have another go at it. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

If you're wondering why I disconnected the slave cylinder in the first place, this is my first time ever doing a transmission and clutch so when I was trying to remove the original slave cylinder, I was twisting it as that is the way it comes off, but I had my thumb on the part that receives the hard plastic line and I ended up breaking the original slave. Any suggestions would be helpful especially from Desu-San-Desu if he reads this, the saturn horror king. I'm sure you know a thing or two.