The sun isn't out anymore and it is darker later into the morning... This means:
- Turn your lights on! Especially when it's raining, like this morning!
- Use your FUCKING turn signals.
- It is a light rain, you can still do the speed limit!

At this point you've read a pretty good synopsis and it only get's worse, I've inserted a TLDR at the end. I do this only so that I don't exert my road rage on the actual road ^_^

I swear rain/it being darker has added 5 to 10 minutes to my commute. It's infuriating to think that people think it necessary to slow down to 60-65 for some light rain. But somehow lack the presence of mind to use their headlights, taillights and blinker lights.

I recognize a good portion of these cars too... Having been on the same commute for 2+ years. These are the people that normally pass me going 80 and get within inches of my bumper because I am passing someone at 75 mph.

Shit... People think deer are dumb for constantly running into cars, well... some of us sort of have mastered the art of driving... kind of. But haven't bothered to evolve, much like the deer that continually run into cars.


TLDR: I'm venting about other drivers that piss me off.