My wife absolutely loves Harry Potter, almost obsessively. So we had a friend of hers who works at game stop buy the Lego games for us the other day. We were going to wait to play them until her friend came overon Wednesday. But my wife decided to go pick up the games late yesterday afternoon, expecting me to be home around dinner time. Well, I was at a friend's shop painting another friend's Flyin' Miata Exocet. It was only supposed to take a few hours, all the prep work was supposed to have been done before I got there. But it wasn't. There was still a couple of hours to go, it was just taking a lot longer than expected. So long story short, I didn't get home until 2am, but want able to tell my wife this beforehand because my friends shop is in a cell service dead zone. She was supposed to wait to play the game until we could start playing it together, but decided she couldn't wait any longer and started playing with her best friend instead. Also just realized racecar is a palindrome.