So there is a prewar Bugatti rally in my town this week?

I was only able to snap this 1 lousy photo on the way to work, but how often do you see vintage race cars at the pump?

File under cool automotive things happening under my nose I didn’t know about: The American Bugatti Club is hosting its annual rally in my hometown of Saratoga NY this week.

I figured it out this morning on my way to work when about 30 prewar Bugatti racecars passed me going the opposite way. I stopped at a gas station to talk to one of the owners and see what was going on and he confirmed that it was a week long road rally and he told me the hotel they were based out of. It’s down the street from my office so I’m hoping I’ll get a chance later on to meet some more of them and photograph a few of the cars. Apparently there are nearly 100 in total!


I don’t know a whole lot about prewar Bugattis other than the type 35, which I saw a few of. There were plenty of other models and road cars as well, and it pretty much made my commute as for 15 minutes every third car was a Bugatti. The race car versions sound absolutely AWESOME.

Random, but cool

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