I've been seeing it for years now. I was taking the train to class today, because I have a flat tire (and the replacement tires, which are free from warranty, don't come till wednesday). Right next to the railroad is a Ferrari dealership/repair shop. Tucked away on their property away from the main road (but visible from the railroad tracks) is a clusterfuck of bumpers and old rusted parts.

There is one thing that always catches my eye. It's a rusted chassis. I mean, this thing is super rusted, has no windows or tires or anything, but the optimist in me wants to believe that if you can sandblast it, and repair the holes, you still have something to work with. Honestly, this is what I think it is. It's the closest match in terms of looks. I can't find another Ferrari that looks like the chassis I see when I take the train.

The chassis has been there for years now. Out in the open, in the harsh weather. I mean, like, there are vines and vegetation growing all over it. There's graffiti on it from people who have probably snuck into the lot (you can probably jump over the fence from the railroad tracks).

The optimist in me wants to buy it, put it in the lot in my backyard and just take the time to learn how to do autobody repair (I'm graduating soon, AND I have a decent savings), and maybe drop an LS1 in it (just kidding - kind of). But the pessimist says that even if I walk in there, offer to take that scrap metal out of their lot (I'll supply the tow truck, and I'll offer 500 dollars for that chassis), that I'll probably be laughed out of the dealership.

Who do I listen to? The optimist or the pessimist?