And she’s helped me out majorly.

I can’t draw. I’m not even that creative. But...

I drew this up in two minutes to possibly make a Christmas gift for her (answer of what it is in the tags, but try guessing!).


Now I’m not going to put her on this pedestal and say she’s my muse and my willpower and my yada yada, because I am my own person with my own goals and she’s her own person with her own goals that are separate from mine. But I’ve been in a rut. Fix computers at my part time jobs, get home, cruise OPPO and the internet, go to the bar, rinse, repeat.

And I found it fun as hell to design this, to do quick off-the-cuff, not-precise-at-all calculations for weights and forces, to think of what materials I have on hand to meet the challenges. It’s got my brain going, and it’s fun! It’s the booomb dot com!

So even if this doesn’t go anywhere (we’ve been on, six-ish dates?), I’ve still got this. This feeling. I haven’t felt this in years. It feels good. Is this forum to share this? I don’t know but I have to say it out loud:

I feel better and designing something with my hands and putting it (messily) to paper sets my soul on fire.


So I will shit post less, but you better believe there will be more full posts about my projects. Including this one.

So I need some light wood (pine?), some wood stain, some laptop hinges, some metal hangers, some hard drive magnets, and something to make a few pivots. Let’s do this.


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