The magnificent man who made that poster (and so many others) is Your_Post_As_A_Movie. He has better ideas than most other big-budget studios out there.

Perfect. We can do so many pitches for a Le Mans and Grand Prix remake/sequel, or a season 3 of Truth in 24, or other car movies, or even an Amazonian Orangutans Driving Cars vs MkIII Top Gear movie special!!!

You can either get a camera and snap some swank shots of cars (or pretty friggin’ convincing diecast models) or an ongoing race, or you can go pop Forza or Gran Turismo or Assetto Corsa or DiRT: Rally or what have you got, make a snapshot, touch it up a bit, and CalzoneGolem and I will go submit it to the guy who makes ‘em. Make sure you include your Kinja handle, and some lines of text of synopsis and casting.