So there's this service called "Help a Reporter Out" where people who need sources can post up a query. And I got pointed to this one by a friend. Someone report Diane Kline, because she's obviously discovered the key to travelling to parallel universes. Or, alternatively, send her the most perfectly, outrageously, and audaciously sexist tripe that you could imagine so that she can fill up her "funny column" with utter bollocks.

Here's mine:

"Dear Diane: there I was at the car dealership while my hubby Duke was negotiating a deal on our new DeSoto, when I discovered that Duke had chosen a sedan that, while otherwise perfect, had no mirror on the passenger side sunvisor! Can you imagine? How would I make sure I looked perfect for him without a mirror to check my powder & rouge? Tehehehe.


Trixie Rubble."