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[Updated] And it's over.

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Just warming up the tires before I go on.


So it would appear that I’m about to lose my job. Boss called me today, gave me a heads up for me to “think it over the long weekend”. Told me that there were budget cuts, and chances are my position is a goner. They claim they are pushing to keep things, but less than half a chance I can stay on.


HR called me today and offered me some postings with other teams and setting me up to interview with them... and I hate job interviews. Especially not after not having to do them so many years, but doesn’t look like I have a choice now.

Not seeing this as a dead end just yet, just... inconvenient. I’m in the middle of sorting out my mortgage renewal and losing my job can’t look good on that, lol. But maybe like my friend was saying, I’ve been on long enough, I just needed this kick for me to finally move elsewhere.


Update: Thought I’d give a little update on the situation. HR sent me some postings for my same post on other teams. I found one more in the system that wasn’t a keyword match for HR but I was more interested in and probably better for my career long run. Was arranged one interview yesterday with one of the managers for the job from HR, and one today for the one I picked. Having not been in interview for so long, it sent me into a panic attack today and I started slurring a bit. I guess I was stressing to find relatable experiences, since my resume wasn’t directly translatable so I had to explain a lot of things. Not sure though, I didn’t panic much yesterday.


Fingers crossed... but I’m a bit burnt out to apply for more jobs today, even though I should carry on. It’s really wearing me down though.

Update 2: And it’s a done deal. Transition didn’t go through, package received, I’m officially unemployed. Anyone hiring a senior QA or intermediate DevOps role in the GTA?

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