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So thinking about making a terrible decision Oppo.

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1998 P38 with 133k on the clock.

The good:

One owner truck with full service history. GEMS 4.6 so none of the Bosh issues, head gaskets done at 120k, airbags replaced and a 3 inch Lucky 8 terrafirma lift coil conversion. Bushings, brakes, radiator ect... all done.


BECM has been replaced.

The Bad:

Hasn’t been driven often over the last two years because owner just has too many cars so it’s developed some gremlins. Eg: The truck shifts at weird times but it’s not the transmission slipping so seems to be the computer shifting at the wrong times?


Still has the original alternator and a new battery was put in but died so I’m thinking that might be the root of those issues.

Has a high idle that could be the control valve?

Has a bad wheel sensor.

@AMGtech - now with more recalls! ever work on GEMS 4.6's? My experience is mainly with Bosh motors so not sure what could be causing those gremlins.

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