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My girlfriend and I were hanging out tonight when we decided to go get some ice cream and drive up to the top of the nearest mountain range to look at the city lights. Sounds like fun, I like ice cream, I like twisty mountain roads. My dog loves to go anywhere in the car. Count me in.


On our way back down we saw some questionably modded japanese cars with their emergency flashers on in a turnout. I stopped to see if I could help and noticed the group of teenagers crowded around one of the car's wheels. On the ground was a shredded tire on a severely rashed wheel. The brake rotor was shattered into pieces, the caliper pushed back, and the shroud was a twisted hunk of metal. The hub couldn't spin because the broken piece of rotor still attached was getting caught on the now re-aligned caliper.

Now, I'm not saying that a bunch of boy racers were drifting when they lost control, ran off the road, blew the tire, bent a wheel, possibly bent a control arm and did god knows what to shatter a brake rotor, but I'm pretty sure I've never seen this happen under normal driving conditions.


I helped him get the rotor off and encouraged him to call AAA, but I think his plan was to put the spare on and get the car down the mountain with the use of only his left front brake and the handbrake.


If the story is about you and you read OPPO, I hope you got home okay. But please, take it easy on public roads.

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