If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

so this happened:

EDIT: kinja doesn’t want to share the link.

heres the link if Kinja is gunna be Kinja:




sorry for the crappy pics, they are youtube screen shots

yep, thats says beachcomber on the side.

the house all the way to the right? thats the one in the article. He took the money that was supposed to finish it so it sits half complete. The deal he left was for the two sets of condos and the restaurant shown below.


yes i have allroads in my model.


this guy had done half a dozen projects with my office. Oddly he paid for those. The only loss my office took was for the time to developed some early plans and renderings of the buildings in the pictures. I think he did a few projects to gain peoples trust and them took the money when the project size/value increased.

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