Some family asked to live with us. They make 6 figures, just sold their house, and haven’t found another one. They have an infant. We also all don’t get along too famously. I also own a 1 bedroom house with less than 900 square feet. So we said no.

They asked if they park a trailer in our lawn and live in it (they don’t own a trailer). We said no. They asked a third time, but in a terse, “I don’t see why we can’t,” way. Again, no. We are now accused of making them “homeless,” to our friends, on Facebook, etc. I mean just rent until you find a house for Christ’s sake. You sold your home for money and you have options.


And my wife and I are absolutely NOT in the wrong for not wanting you to move in with us. These are the kind of people that, when you tell them no, it is fucking scorched-Earth warfare.

The husband called me today to remind me how displeased he is with the situation (or in his words, “What’s your beef?”). Told him i wasn’t having this conversation.

My wife has ceased contact with them so I’m acting as the wall for the unit, which I’m happy to do because it’s easier for me to handle vs my wife right now (it’s also her side of the family, so the personal aspect makes it that much more difficult). That’s what partners do: they help each other when shit gets too unbearable. The problem is the people who have nothing to do with this are contacting us about the drama because it’s all out there in the open.

They are leaving no stone unturned, doing anything they can to get their digs in on us and send their messengers to convey their disapproval of our lack of doormattedness.


But at least their actions only further solidifies why we didn’t them to move in with us.

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