So i was driving home last night and out of nowhere heard a really loud bang from underneath the car. It sounded like i hit a very deep pothole, it could have been because i honestly don’t know what it was. After driving about a half a mile i was concerned so i pulled into a gas station to see if i noticed anything damaged. I was very low on gas as well so i was going to stop anyway to fill up. After filling the car up i go to get in the car and noticed fuel gushing out all over the parking lot. Turns out whatever i hit made a nice sized hole in my tank and emptied all the fuel i just put in.

This was a huge pain in the ass, it was late, i was tired, and i was just trying to get home. Called roadside assistance to get the car towed to my place and after explaining to them what was going on they said they had to get the fire department over there to make sure the scene is safe, i was after all, at a gas station. FD came out and put some sort of epoxy in the hole to stop it from leaking but by then the tank had already pretty much emptied. Got the car towed back to my place and now the fun part begins of getting a new tank and getting that put in.