This house is about a block or so from where I live. This morning I’m getting ready to go to class, open the garage door, and hear somebody talking on a megaphone “we have warrants for your arrest!” and “we have you surrounded”. Pull into the street, see a SWAT truck, and the street in front of those houses blocked off. Luckily, my route goes the other way.

When I got back from class, everybody was gone except for a news crew interviewing somebody, and they were wrapping up by the time I parked. Apparently, everybody in the subdivision beyond that house had to wait three hours for the stand off to end before they could leave.


Also - it’s trash day, and the trash truck wasn’t allowed by. And even though my house is not beyond that street, I guess they just didn’t come by the whole neighborhood. I saw them parked a few blocks away when I left. The parking lot for the park across the street was also full of police cars, probably a dozen or so. I thought it was going to be a drug bust because they’ve caught people selling in that park before. Way crazier than that.

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