Some homeless looking dude distributing pamphlets for a restaurant stopped by to have a chat. This is how it went...:

Deranged guy: Hey buddy, can I ask you a question?

Me: Yeah sure, go ahead.

D G: What do you think about gay people raising a child?

Me: I'm ok with that. As long as they teach good values to their kids like every parents should.

D G: Are you gay??

Me: No.

D G: Well gay people should not raise childrens! They gonna turn their children gay and then their child will spread the gayness and we'll be surrounded by gays!


Me: This is not how it happens! A child doesn't turn gay because their parents are!

D G: *goes away to the next houses while talking* But don't you think that it's gonna play in the child's mind and make him gay? Because I think so!

Me: NO!

D G: *he's now 2 houses away from mine and keeps rambling* [says some shit that I don't understand] Well, I hope we have another talk about it in another life.


Seriously as long as there's love all around in a couple (gay or not) raising a child and that they teach good values, it should be great. It's all that matters!

....and I'm about to start a mini-series on the Miata Life in Montreal. There's always something ridiculous happening since I've owned these.