For many months I have waxed idyllic about getting a new car. Something “fun, reliable, and practical” I have oft said. After an exhaustive process of pitting mid-sized luxury cars, crossovers, and SUVs against each other, we chose to keep our Land Rover. And in doing so we have decided to stop using our LR as a DD. Recently, I ordered the parts that she has needed to show her true form and they are scheduled to be put on this week.

So it came to pass that we would either begin driving our 20 year old pickup to and from work everyday, or we would find something new. Now, my wife works for a state franchise dealerships’ parent company in finance. This dealership, I have been running around and working at in one capacity or another since I was about 10 years old. My father was a contractor-wholesaler there, I was a lot boy/porter when I was in high school, and when I returned home from the Marine Corps for good, I worked there for a summer selling cars. These connections gave us the resources and ability to have auction managers look out for cars for us. But it just so happened that we didn’t even need to look there for our next car as it was sitting on the lot last week when we drove through while waiting on a pizza to be made down the street.

I knew I would like the ST as I had read all of the Oppo reviews about it for the last 2 years. Not only is it a fun and quick car, it is also and efficient, practical. Now, I have yet to read up on what option package our car is, but we love it. I was genuinely surprised Saturday when my wife got into the driver seat had, was comfortable, had no problems adjusting the seat and took off driving. (Although, a bit nervous as we were on a test drive) There were no doubts in our minds on whether we liked the car, we even compared it to a ‘14 Titanium and still wanted the ST. Needless to say the numbers made sense for us, fuel + insurance + potential payment. But here is where it gets crazy; the car was dropped in price for us due to our company connections on name alone, we gave a substantial enough down payment and also traded our 95 nissan 4x4 with 240k miles sight-unseen, got a 6 year/72k mile bumper to bumper warranty and financed less than I financed for my first car when I graduated high school. Now, it does kind of suck to have a car payment again, but I am very blessed and in a financial situation where it makes sense, our term of finance will be over quickly, I no longer need to rent a car to go out of town for weekend, I can stop doing temporary break-fixing on my Disco, and I finally have a little bit of a sports car. Seriously, the car is great fun driving through the middle Tennessee hills. All in all my transportation costs went up 16 dollars per month, after factoring gas usage on both the Disco and Focus + insurance + payment. That was astounding to me. Anyway we haven’t named “him” yet, my wife insists that the car is a boy so any suggestions would be great. I also guess I need to get one of those Oppo stickers from Archduke.

*Also, any tips on modifications and subtle tweaks to make the car any better would be appreciated.


Without any further ado, check our the new fleet:


And a sad moment when your old cars say goodbye to one another: God bless the V.R.T. (Very Red Truck) He did his part in getting us down the road. We were a little emotionally attached to the truck, my wife’s father gave it to her and has been in here life for 20 years when her dad bought it for himself back in the day. (We didn’t really have to sell it, but it would have just fallen apart and not been used by us anymore, we tried to give it back to her dad but he wanted her to use it in whatever way she chose.) If we were older and had kids that were in high school he would have been the perfect first vehicle for a teenager, manual, reliable and just slow enough to keep them out of danger/trouble.

“Bye buddy, and thank you for the time you spent with us.”


There is something to be said about vehicles that belong to enthusiasts and grateful people. It is no easy task making it through life and getting down yourself down the road, often times we neglect the people or things that help us out so much. Trucky was the very embodiment of “Yes, we can.” He once towed a HD 2500 Suburban through icy, snowy midwestern winter. He kept my wife safe and got her to and from work with not a single issue for over 3 years. He got me to and from work across a rather dangerous city every day in 2013. He moved us up to middle TN. He helped us find our first (and likely only) home. Many an early cold morning did he give other cars a jump off. I hope he finds a new home that shows him the same kind of love we did, and enriches the life of its owner like it did for us. From the very bottom of my heart and with all of the gratitude I can muster, Trucky, thank you being a part of our life.