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So I had an appointment to take my 335xi in to an independent BMW shop this mroning for a few things (oil change, filter changes, etc.). On my way there (it's across town) I hit a brutal fucking traffic jam. . I seriously travelled 1.5 kms in half a hour. Turn on the traffic updates to hear that there's a single vehicle accident that is somehow blocking the two left lanes of the road I'm on (Glenmore Trail for any YYC locals).

Decide to say fuck it and pull a U-turn at the next intersection rather than wait in this mess. Start taking an alternate route. Traffic still sucks. Pull onto a residential side street and drive a few blocks. Suddenly start hearing a loud fan noise. Wasn't sure that it was my car at first. Get to the next light and as I shift into second, the car almost dies. No power at all. Fuck. That isn't good.

Pull over into a gas station. Car is barely limping along now. All of a sudden, I get a yellow and then red temperature warning light and the fan is loud as hell. Sigh. At this point, I realize that it's the Achilles' heel of all E90 BMWs. The stupid electric water pump. Dies with zero warning out of the blue. Finally manage to limp to the side of a residential street and immediately shut down. Call my auto club (AMA) for a tow. Sigh.


All in all, it worked out about as well as it could have. Got towed within 30 mins on a flatbed (my car is AWD) and it didn't cost me a thing. And at least I already had an appointment booked to bring it in. Super grateful that I decided to pull that U-turn as I cannot imagine how much of a nightmare it would have been to break down and try to get towed in bumper to bumper traffic with no real shoulder to pull off onto.

First time using this shop and they seem pretty good. Met the owner's son at a local BMW club event this summer. He showed me some of their shop project cars, including an E28 M5, am E30 with a 2.0 S14 swapped into it, an M Coupe with an S54 and 6 speed tranny swap and a 1M coupe with every bolt on making about 450 HP.


Anyway that's my morning. Kinda sucks but I'm feeling surprisingly upbeat, all things considered. At least now I don't have to worry about when my water pump is gonna fail. Getting the thermostat done at the same time too. Just makes sense to do it now.

Cheers, Oppo. Hope your mornings were better than mine today! My thoughts go out to everyone in Ottawa affected by the events at Parliament this morning.