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So this is the most ridiculous comment I've seen on Jalopnik...

So I was mistaken in that I thought the Cavalier utilized the Iron Duke engine. Apparently that is not the case, and the fact I didn't know that is "revolting." Also, would someone think of the children and get this guy a spell check?

get informed. the ciron duke wasnt used after 89' the quad four replaced it and was a great engine if you stayed away fromt eh SOHC version. but alas the cavalier in question didnt have that either the z24 had the follow up to the quad four called the twin cam (code LD9) was a solid engine. however the version fo the car i beilve he was referencing didnt have that either. It had a shitbox 2.2 that was horrid and was only made for 6 years. this engien bore no desing similarites to any of GM's other 4 cylender engines either past or present. The only part of your comment that is valid is "My Fiance had one." the rest is so far from correct its revolting


Thanks "bradley." Your presence makes the world better.

I mean, really, he's agreeing with me that the Cavalier is awful, I just..what..I don't even..ughh


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