K-Roll totally got me on this one. Based on my vague clues alone of the car being German and having a change holder built into the door....... So what might I be getting myself into?

I’m potentially purchasing an ‘86 Porsche 928. My reasoning? Let me elaborate.

The 928 was something special. Ahead of it’s time, dangerously quick and a general risk for Porsche and their deep enough pockets. A car that was meant to take the place of the 911, but ended up....... not taking the place of the 911.

Even though the key is where the key should be and the engine where the engine should be, if I end up with this said 928, the licence plate will not be H982 FKL and it won’t be clad with crappy new aftermarket wheels. Most likely, it will be clad with crappy aftermarket 80’s BBS wheels. Feel free to judge me, I just judged you solely based on what you were thinking about me.

Yeah, it’ll probably be expensive to maintain and yeah it’ll probably make everybody question my sanity and put me in a psych ward after spending $1,000 on a muffler, but fuck it. Perfectly reliable cars are boring as hell since you’ll never have to get your hands dirty and your wallet drained. Scratch the last part. The 928 was an expensive car when it came out, (100k-ish with inflation) and many call it a supercar, so I’ll shut up about that now.


Wish me luck with this Oppo. I’ve had a hell of a year trying to track down a cheap classic.