So this is what my garage is going to look like for a while.

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That pretty thing in the bay to the right is a 2011 GT500, and is my grandfather-in-law's. To make a long story short, he broke his back and will be in a rehab facility for a bit, and have to wear a huge brace for 4-6 months. The Shelby is his daily driver, and has 69k on the odometer. Our family thinks he is going to have to sell the car, because it is probably going to be too much for an 80 year old man that has broken his back to handle. Now some of you might know that I have started scouting around for cars to replace my SVT Focus when I sell it to my brother-in-law next year, and my price range was around 30k. The car we get is going to be primarily my wife's, and now that this situation has arisen, we might offer to buy the car from her grandfather. So I started doing some research, and I couldn't find a Shelby with even close to as many miles as this has on it. The car also has some dings and dents, some curb rashed rims (ouch :( they're the SVT Performance pack rims too), and some scratches and scuffs in the interior. My thinking is that he might not even get 30k from a dealer. Our plan is to take the car to a dealer to see what they would offer anyways. But either way, we might end up having 2 Mustangs in the stable (hah!), and I am fine with that because this car is just stupid stupid fun to drive. So in the next couple months, my wife will try out driving it around to see if she wants to live with it.


Also, if we buy it, the first thing I am doing is removing those stripes so people quit thinking I'm an Aggie (grandfather is a former yell leader and had them put on). Gross.

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