So this is what progress feels like?

I decided the frame was clean enough. I’m building a rat rod for Ford’s sake!

Time to break out the POR15!


I ended up getting these two kits that have everything you need. In the future I would not purchase a kit.

Step 1 degreaser. The stuff por15 supplies in the kit smells and feels just like the greased lightning I had at home. The instructions say to let it sit and then rinse it off.


Step 2 was something called Metal Prep. I’d purchase this again from por15 because I don’t have an equivalent. It left a chalky residue, but the instructions say that’s okay! Let it sit then rinse it off.


Progress shot. The little cans of por15 were absurdly tiny. I used ~25% of the degreaser and metal prep but ~90% of the por15 supplied and probably more when I go back to touch it up.


First coat done. This stuff makes a huge mess. If it get’s on your skin you need to get it off with a solvent immediately or it will set on your skin and you’ll have to wear it for a few days. Despite wearing gloves I managed to get it all over my hands and quite a bit more of my arm.

If I were buying supplies for this project again. I’d get a couple more spray bottles. One for water, one for degreaser and one for metal prep. I’d be a lot more careful and wear long sleeves despite the summer heat. The kits are convenient for smaller projects but I’d forgo the kit and the por15 degreaser and get a much bigger can of por15. I was seriously concerned I wouldn’t be able to get a full coat with the two cans from the kits I had.

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