Granted, this is only a $1500 replica of a $25,000 steering wheel but still, pretty damn exciting.

Myth #1 about F1: The steering wheels don't cost $100K

Myth #2 about F1: The suspension is so stiff all the bump absorption comes from the tires.

Interesting other tidbits: Alonso believes that success is only 20% about the driver and 80% the car. Which is crazy considering how well Alonso can drive anything, something which is still well respected around Lotus (formerly Renault).

Oh, and there was some funny race communication of Kimi's that's NSFW and that I could never post.

EDIT: Oh and apparently the team used to joke that Kimi's water bottle was filled with vodka. Interestingly, the driver can only use the drink button for about 20 laps before it becomes too hot to drink.