So this makes my database final project a bit more interesting.

The goal is to build a SQL database for an existing car company creating tables for manufacturers, models, trims, engines, transmissions. I’m thinking VAG would be the best choice for this since there’s plenty of badge engineering and shared parts. So far the make/model list I’m going for is:

VW-Jetta, Passat, GTI

Audi-A4, Q5, R8

Lambo-Aventador, Urus, Huracan

Bentley- Bentayga, Muslanne, Continental

Going with 2 trims per and just the 3 models per manufacturer so this project doesn’t get out of hand.


It’s fun to add a little Oppo flair to college projects. Hmmm, gives me the idea I need to hide “Oppo” somewhere in the DB.

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