I’m more interested in the green one, it has most of the original military lighting etc. and the whole grille and guards. The removable top is cool, just a little restoration for that, needs a second piece of glass. I found the correct tires, non directional, wondering if I should get more normal tires. If anyone wants the grey one let me know, it’s older, I’m told the round rear window is older. Some old guy that lives on the property sent these pics. I’m talking to my friend with the shop that we did the work on the Z in. I will have to keep it at the shop and do a few things, we might need to rebuild the engine. It has no title so we will have to apply for that too, went from military to off road work. I can’t wait to see soccer moms reacting to this thing. Oh and the doors don’t lock, these military people didn’t need it I guess. So I can never keep anything in it and I will get a battery disconnect under the seat, plus a club or something.