Okay, Orlove. The time has come. Let's do this. One big thread of beautiful, gorgeous cars.

For those observers new to these battles between Orlove and me, know that this is a competition for who can one up the other with the most beautiful cars. Feel free to throw your favorites in as well.

And remember, we're not going for attractive cars. We're not going for handsome cars. We're not going for functional or utilitarian cars. We're going for beautiful cars. Cars that will make you stop in your tracks like a lingerie model walking by. Cars that you'd never drive for the simple reason that you'd just never be able to stop staring at them.

You'll have to forgive me today, Orlove, as I'm decidedly in an Italian mood today. So much so that I'm going to start this show with a bit of a dick move and take one of your all-time favorites as my opening shot: The Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale.

Your move, Orlove.

Also, a note to all: please leave anything NSFW out of this post, at until after 5:30 pm CST. I don't care if you're just posting it for the car. If there is anything remotely resembling NSFW in the photo, find another photo to post as a courtesy to those that are at work.