Yes, I do have a leak. No, I don’t know where it is. I do know it’s not getting into my oil. But today driving out to a dinner and my temps jumped to the top of normal range - normally it sits at the bottom. Pulled into a gas station, popped the hood and the reservoir blowoff tube was pissing steam like a banshee. Uh oh. Bout a freaking jug of 50/50 for $13. Half of it as water! $13. Anyways, grabbed a cloth and popped the reservoir cap off and oh all the steam. Gave it half a jug, it jumped to half way between ranges - what should be normal 🤔 and it stayed.

Had dinner, left, it went from cool to normal pretty quick but stayed and wasn’t boiling. Now, for a few years I’ve gotten a check engine that my coolant wasn’t getting hot quick enough and triggering a CEL. But it would still blow hot and operate normally. So I may get a new radiator cap since a bad one let’s air in and makes the coolant boil or so I’ve heard. OR the thermostat was stuck.


“But nFamous why not just change the water pump and thermostat?” Go look up an 06 Sebring 2.7 water pump process.

Anyways, Im drinking some Lunazul and lime at the moment to not worry. How is Oppo this evening?

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