Yeah, I’m coming late to the party but just never had a chance to see it before now. I enjoyed the movie, thought it was very entertaining, but at the end of the day I don’t understand why it got so much love for the writing and story/screenplay (apart from the undeniable cultural significance of the movie). Pretty derivative plot — indeed, it very much reminded me of The Dark Knight Rises. Bad ass bad guy comes to town specifically to destroy the hero, there’s a big fight and the hero gets his ass kicked, the hero gets tossed down a well/waterfall, the hero recovers so he can go back to save everyone, one of the hero’s “friends” switches sides (Miranda Tate, W’Kabi), there’s a big fight where a character who previously wouldn’t get involved decides to do so (Matthew Modine’s character, M’Baku), there’s female sidekicks (Catwoman, Nakia et al.), and the hero ultimately saves the day. You also have a similar underlying theme/question shared between Black Panther and the Batman movies of what should the wealthy/privileged do to help the poor/non-privileged. Would definitely watch again, though.


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