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So we are driving our newish van into a blizzard

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Driving from MA to NH tonight into the big storm so we can go skiing on Sunday. Van new in April, and I hadn’t the budget or time yet to get snow tires... I figured if there was one time to hurry along my purchase it would be the day before we drive straight into 2 feet of snow to get to the ski area (Wildcat in Jackson NH, basically Mt. Washington). So... last night I called around a few places and the only set of 4 I could find locally had Sumitomo Ice Edge. These things are BEASTS!!! I was already excited to go skiing in the blizzard, now I’m excited about getting there too (instead of dreading it a little...). Good thing I can install my own tires at home, because there was no way I could have pulled this off otherwise. And knowing NH Rt. 16 approaching Wildcat, I’m not sure we would get there without the snows!


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