What are your biggest pet peeves on the road? Anything. Vehicular idiosyncrasies, passenger behaviour, other road users behaviour, things the driver does when you’re a passenger... whatev. Mine:

1) Construction zone ends. Left lane opens again, and the guy who has been holding up traffic traffic through the construction zone jumps straight in. Or any case where an additional lane to the left opens. Another is where 2 highways merge and the left lane hogs from one jump in front of the merging traffic.

2) Rush hour. I’m making a left turn, and the light goes red. I’m supposed to clear the intersection, but A1 pillock crowds through the red and I have to hold up the cross traffics advanced green. News flash, asshole: think of some besides yourself. If you can save yourself time without holding someone up, go nuts. Holding up one person? I’m not making that call. Holding up 10 or 20 that could have made their left turn if you hadn’t charged the red? diaf, plox.

3) The ones who refuse to beat a truck at a merge (from the light, such as shown in the pic, not advocating charging into a dangerous situation). Yes, even your Mirage can beat a truck off the lights. Do it, and give it all you’ve got. Everyone behind you is hoping you will, because (though it’s not their fault) the truck is slow. Think of yourself as a blow-off valve. The truck is a blockage, building up pressure (read:congestion). You have the opportunity to provide an outlet, and reduce the pressure even for those who will be left behind.