Since I now have a job lined up, it’s time to do some car shopping. I’ve bought two cars in my life, both BMWs; my Explorer was a gift. However, I was away from oppo during the time of purchase of both of those vehicles. Now that I’m back and it’s time to car shop again, I figured I’d ask for your suggestions.


  • Looking to spend between 15-22k; sadly I don’t make oil money or I’d be deciding on which AMG I wanted
  • Get around 25 mpg combined
  • Decent to drive
  • Less expensive to maintain than my M3
  • Auto or manual; the M3 is a stick so this one doesn’t have to be auto

This isn’t the usual “oh I’m a high school student and I have no idea what I should get as my first car?” this is more I think I know what I want, but I want to hear some suggestions, especially if you have ownership experience. I’m leaning toward another 128i or maybe an E9X 328i with a sport pack; there are some other cars I’m considering but those are the front runners. Before I just got another BMW, I figured I’d ask oppo for some opinions.