It seems like Gawker Media and Facebook’s contract is over now (no more live stream anywhere on Gawker Media). So why not continue the whole thing with something that streams in proper quality instead??

I liked the idea, I just thought it was freaking unwatchable and in a format that sucked ass (who the fuck owns a square monitor??). But the whole idea behind, if well orchestrated was good...

I gave it a quick try myself a few weeks ago through youtube and quality was A LOT better than what assbook has to offer. I think Jalopnik should keep on pushing it (and get a cheap steadycam). It was a good idea that was just terribly done.

That was my quick attempt with a $1.50 suction cup shipping from China included, that vibrated quite a bit. I spent an extra $1.50 since then to get a second one and that fixed the vibrations lol.

Anyway, I liked it, now that they can ditch this crappy facebook thing, they should keep on doing it, making it watchable now :)