So what is Folding again?

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Folding refers to the way human protein folds in the cells that make up your body. We rely on the proteins to keep us healthy and they assemble themselves by folding. But when they misfold, there can be serious consequences to a person’s health.


Folding@home is a project focused on disease research. The problems we’re solving require so many computer calcul­ations – and we need your help to find the cures!

It’s distributed computing. They have large computational science modeling and they divvy up the work and send it out to computers all over the world. They’re working on Parkinson’s disease, various cancers, and COVID-19. The app uses CPU and GPU and takes full advantage of the computing power you have. You can throttle back the work, or even pause it entirely, when you need your CPU/GPU cycles for something more important like Castle Wolfenstein.


Download the app, register, and join Team Oppo!

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