I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard anything useful, or even truthful, really, come out of his mouth.

I am not trying to shit stir here, I am just irritated that around 1,821,000 people have heard this bullshit and will now take it to heart.

I would have assumed that the shady mechanic in chief would be using the Aston as an example of why NEVER to buy a brand name part (brand name as in the automaker), and instead buy the Chinese knock-off on eBay because you save ten cents. Or to just buy the OEM part and save a few dollars because it’s actually the same part.

Really, I am just flabbergasted that he thinks he knows everything, yet he is surprised that Aston Martin didn’t spend a crap ton of R&D money to design a whole new power steering reservoir when BMW made one that works just fine.

Also, “de vars”, if Aston changed the block the rods, pistons, and cylinder heads, that’s a new fucking engine. Just because the ancillary parts happened to be shared by other brands WITHIN the group does not mean it’s the same engine out of a Ford...