So... Which one of you is hiring?

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I got a foreboding email from my boss

We’ve had an absolute bear of a time hiring anyone so far this year and as such are doing pretty badly in terms of cash flow. I’m the only one who’s done any hiring, despite being the only manager who doesn’t actually have hiring as a part of their job description. But yeah, there’s nowhere near enough employees to handle the workload. It was “suggested” that I become a crew leader and work in the field for two days in addition to my full-time management gig until things improve. This would be unpaid. I’m already feeling pretty underpaid for the work I do, and the benefits are nonexistent.


I hate that I’ve become comfortable here. I lost the momentum I had when I sold my business... Man that was an amazing time. Making big decisions left and right... Boom! Change! Bam! New thing! Bam! No fear!

I’m trying not to be rash, but a part of me wants to walk away now. I’ve done quite a bit here, optomizing a large number of systems to increase productivity and drastically cut down on inefficiency. Not to mention bringing significant revenue in the form of better training programs, better gear, and a solid working relationship with a very large number of industry vendors and suppliers. Then there’s the physical work, optomizing vehicles, our warehouse, and headquarters to fit as much as possible in a well thought-out manor that allows easy access to everything. Most recently, I designed an interactive app-based vehicle checklist from the ground up that has already drastically cut down on various issues we’ve ran into in the past, and will be able to be used as a template for the company moving forward for years to come. In spite of all that I’m feeling incredibly unappreciated.


I wish I worked for a company where I was happy to put in extra time, I really do. I like putting in 100% and working my ass off. Unfortunately it seems like that’s a poor investment at this place....

In lighter news I got to spend the day with two huskies. They were the goodest of good boys. I want a dog

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