So, who thinks I should buy a Baja Bug???

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Because I live in the desert and it's time to mix up the toys in the garage?

I've got a rock crawling Jeep, which is fun, and I love, but I've got a big Moab trip planned in the fall and then I think it will be time to move on. I would love a trophy truck, but am not willing to invest that kind of $$$


SNORE (the southern nevada version of SCORE) has multiple classes a baja bug could run in, I know a couple guys already in the scene (although they run trucks and broncos). The mint 400 wouldn't necessarily be out of the picture because I already have a pit crew, and who cares about winning, when it would be just a great story to have. Otherwise there are shorter races I could run with less support.

But for around $10,000 I think I could get a pretty nice, street legal bug. Basically what I think I could get out of my Jeep, and I wouldn't mind investing more to personalize it or make it better.


I think the stock 1600 would underwhelm, but I've seen some in the 2000cc+ range (and some Subaru turbo swaps but again $$$). It'd still be a feasible toy 9 months of the year if it didn't have AC. I could drive it as much as I drive my Jeep now. It probably wouldn't depreciate anymore than when I buy it, minus anything I put into it which I consider lost cash anyways. They look cool as hell. Power to weight ratio is good. Tons of parts both aftermarket and original. MEXICAN BLANKET SEATS! Cons: Not a v8, not as much travel as a truck, possibly less practical than a truck as a street vehicle... anything I'm missing?

So Oppo, yay or nay?

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